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Port Hudson Relics

"honoring the past by saving it for the future"


THE DESTINY OF MEN, The Road to Gettysburg, is a true and historical account of the civil war record of two soldiers; one union and one confederate. Their story is written in historical novel format. Copiously researched and based on many primary resources including personal wartime letters, the author follows their journey to it dramatic conclusion. Each copy will be autographed by the author with a personal note to purchaser. price includes shipping. $35

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" I just finished Bauer's "Destiny of Men" and I thought it was remarkably good. I have only read the larger-scoped histories of the Civil War (the big three part Shelby Foote monster) but only a small percentage of the whole got through my non-studious skull. He (Bauer) proceeded Gettysburg with the sequenced battles the armies fought, from Manassas to Antietam, and I now have a better grasp on both the timeline and the everyday life of the soldier."

Roger Meunier
New Orleans, LA

"KGB, I am just about to finish your book. It is absolutely spell-binding! We had our BRCWRT board meeting tonight and I told them what a great book it was. You did a great job, Keith. I love it."

Billy Spedale
Baton Rouge, LA

5.0 out of 5 stars Great story!

"This book is a very well written story of two individuals who travel very different paths. Each is swept along by the strong forces which culminated in the struggle between opposing ideals. Not only is this a compelling drama but the fact that it is based on actual men makes it all the more intriguing. It focuses on the lives of the individuals who wore the uniforms, camped, marched, fought and if lucky, were able to make it home. This is one of the few books I will re-read."

Dr. George F. Loss
Elmhurst, Illinois

Here is an excellent conditioned, first edition volume of Federal General Neal Dow’s life story.  Entitled “The Reminiscences of Neal Dow; Recollections of Eighty Years."  This 1898 edition, hard cover, is in pristine condition. General Dow, a former mayor of Portland, Maine, and prominent temperance leader, lead the Federal assault across Slaughter’s field at Port Hudson on May 27th, 1863. During the assault he was wounded. Convalescing in a local home, Dow was captured by Confederate cavalry and later was involved in a prisoner swap which freed the son of Robert E. Lee, Rooney Lee. This autobiography was published by Dow’s son, Fred in the year following
General Dow’s death in 1897. (kb2015) $45

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