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Port Hudson Relics

"honoring the past by saving it for the future"

Artillery Cont'd:

Large fragments from the union fleet at Port Hudson. It is documented that at least one gun fired every minute during the 48 day siege. These pieces of history are getting rarer to find with each passing day. The photo is representative of the available frags. all approximately 11 lbs. (kb0029) $45

Large section of the nose of a 100 pound parrott. Visable is the powder train, powder cavity and threading for the fuse. This massive chunk weights 16 pds and measures 7" x 6" x 3". Pieces this size are becoming rare to find. So if you can't afford the whole shell, here is a great representation of a collossal civil war shell. (kb9502) $95

Base of 3 inch hotchkiss. This cup which pushed the sabot into the rifling of the cannon was recovered at Port Hudson. $15 (kb1504)

2 Schenkl percussion fuses, brass base only, deep green patina, still has dirt from the field, (bs0045)
$35 each

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